Itinerary Journal

Oct 17, 14
We are now in Amsterdam chilling for 10 nights. We found this nice and inexpensive FLAT just across the river. We locked in a price of $77 a night instead of what you see there. We take a free ferry along with other pedestrians and bikers, that comes every 15 minutes, to get across to the city center.

Oct 10, 14
After Geneva, we were happy to say for a few nights at Victoria’s French Teacher’s house from high school. She lives near Aix-en-Provence in France. After Aix-en-Provence, we finally made it to Paris where we enjoyed the city for six nights. We made base in this nice FLAT just off the Grand Boulevard. We used the cities’ bike system to travel around.

Oct 1, 14
From Berchtesgaden, we headed to Geneva, Switzerland for five nights. It was a very pricey town and not much going on except for the world’s largest fountain. So, we spent most of our time in our FLAT

Sept 27, 14
From Nürnberg we took the train to Munich where we spent a few hours experiencing Oktoberfest. We then hopped back on the train and headed to Berchtesgaden, Germany. Berchtesgaden is at the the very bottom right hand corner of Germany, right at the border of Austria. It is a beautiful and majestic mountain town. We are staying HERE and it is by far the best place with the best view we have been to.

Sept 23, 14
Following Berlin we took a train to Nürnberg and stayed HERE for 3 nights. Lovely town built around an old castle town that literally has high walls enclosing it. Pretty Neat.

Sept 20, 14
After Bremen we took the national train to Berlin, about a 3 hour trip. We will be in Berlin for four nights staying HERE just a 15 minute walk and metro ride to Alexanderplatz.

Sept. 14, 14
On September 11th we left our hotel in Helsinki and caught a train to Tampere, Finland about an hour and a half trip North. We are staying at a family friend’s house for the duration of the stay. We will be in Tampere until Wednesday the 17th where we will hop on a plane to Bremen, Germany and stay at a house for 1 or 2 nights free of charge. It is free because we used the site to find someone who would take us in.

Sept. 9, 14
Today we left our Copenhagen Flat at 6:45am. Walked to the metro through a cold and windy morning and rode it all the way to the airport. Checked in and departed to Helsinki at 9:15am. Helsinki is an hour ahead of Denmark so we ended up arriving around 11:30am local time. We caught a bus outside and rode it 30 minutes to the City Center and checked in our hotel booked by our family friends Juha, Jaana and Tarmo.

Sept. 1, 14
September 4th at 7:30pm we will be departing from LAX. The flight will be 12 hours long and we are arriving in Copenhagen, Denmark at 3:20pm local time, September 5th. For the majority of our accommodations we will be using Airbnb . Airbnb is a website where people post their profile along with pictures of their apt/flat/studio/house so that anyone can stay in them.

We will first be staying in Nørrebro, 1 of the 10 districts of Copenhagen. Click Flat to see where we will be staying for 4 nights.